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C'mon Kamon is Kamon creation project by Akihiro Takeuchi, a Japanese graphic designer specialized in logo and visual identity design.
What is Kamon?
Having approximately 1000 years of history and more than 50,000 designs, Kamon is Japanese traditional symbols to identify individuals or families. Kamon is written 家紋 in kanji. 家[ka] means “family” and 紋[mon] means “symbol”, “mark”, or “motif”.

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The process
1. get requirements
Your input is vital for creating Kamon. From your name to what you do, anything can be stepping stone. You could send design inspirations if you have some designs you like.
2. Design
Every design starts from hand sketch. Initial concepts will be presented in 14-21 days, after up-front payment is arrived. Number of initial concept depends on the budget.
3. Revision
Based on the concept you chose, your Kamon will be polished to be perfect. Number of revision depends on the budget.
4. Deliver
Your Kamon will be delivered in vector file (Adobe illustrator or EPS), PNG, and JPG.
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